“This is my story, this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long…”

We’ve sang these words a lot. Singing without obedience means nothing. What if your story doesn’t always point to praising the Savior?

What if your life is riddled with conflict and you feel like your best effort to keep up appearances becomes a lie? What if you convince yourself that the worst thing you can do is the best thing for you?

Can you fall from grace? Can life get so complicated to the point that the desire for the feeling of momentary peace actually overshadows the need for true confession, repentance, and real transformation?

Can we actually cheapen grace to the point that we convince ourselves that God is giving handouts and Jesus’ blood is worth less than a bottle of Clorox to clean up the mess? I mean…all we have to do is ask…right?

These are the questions and issues that we think that all people face.

Sometimes we hit snags on our journey with God. If we’re REALLY honest…these happen far more than we would like. They aren’t always caused by us and sometimes they are. Either way, they take place more frequently than we would prefer.

This blog is designed to tell our story and provide a helpful resource for people walking on their journey with Jesus. Whether it’s day 1 or year 100, hearing how God has worked in someone’s life can be prolific and encouraging.

We can’t thank you enough for joining with us as we talk together and share some of our story with things we’ve learned. We are not proclaiming our actions. We are not proclaiming our goodness. We are simply proclaiming the greatness of God and His continued redemptive work in our lives. Walk with us as we discover the true meaning of what it means to have and know grace….unidentified grace.

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Chad & Gia Lister